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1、word考研英语阅读:正确选项同义词改写一览表【使用说明】等号前为正确选项词汇或短语,等号后为原文词汇或短语。等号不代表词义、词性的完全一样,只 是一种意思上的对应。需要注意三个问题: 1、不要把此表当同义词表背诵,同义词表会另行发布; 2、此表可用来检查词汇与原文的对应关系,或核对答案来源; 3、有时题干也与原文有同义词转换关系,此处不再赘述。2002.41. C: 与原文一致42. B: conscious of = think43. D: laughing stock = scapegoats44. D: casually = natural / casual / relaxed45.

2、A: use = using / must know / to know / must practice / look for / search for各段首句46. C: the invention of = devise, difficult = burdensome47. C: devices = robot systems48. D: respond = interact, changing = dynamic49. B: intervention = supervision50. C: brain = mind, relevant information = the monkeyor

3、 the single suspicious face51. B: reduction in supply = supply-cuts52. D: 与原文一致53. D: no significant impact = only 0.25-0.5%54. A: shocks = swings, less shocking = less sensitive55. A: optimistic = less severe / less dependent on / less sensitive / not to lose sleep各段首句56. B: illegal = no constituti

4、onal right, help the dying end = physician-assisted suicide57. C: pain-relieving medication = morphine58. B: inadequate treatment = undertreatment59. A: bold = aggressive60. D: 与原文一致200341. B: remold = reshape, intelligence service = Donovans vocation42. A: online spying = electronic spying43. C: su

5、ccess = splash44. D: fairly reliable information = difficult to tell good information from bad (取反)45. B: nonconformist image = outsider status46. A: call on = need to, take some actions = respond forcefully to47. B: inhuman = cruel, unacceptable = wasteful48. B: ignorance = dont understand49. A: 与原

6、文一致50. D: a supporter = who has made courageous statements about51. C: outside petitor = trucks52. D: apprehensive = plain / worry / fear53. C: unlikely = but the process is expensive, time-consuming, 54. B: judges = arbiters = determining55. A: acquisition = acquire one another56. C: over-confident

7、 = doubled / can be replaced / controlled / removed57. A: wasted = useless58. B: reserved consent = I would not go that far + 各段首句59. D: reasonably = spend far less on medical care60. C: a fact of life = normal二段首句2004.41. C: special service = “personal search agent42. A: lack of = no43. D: 与原文一致44.

8、 B: attract = tempt45. C: those already employed = those who arent hunting for jobs46. A: overlooked = insidious, inequality = discrimination47. D: subtle = insidious / unaware of48. C: should pay attention to = they孩子get less individual attention49. B: doze off = ZZZ50. D: unintentional = unaware o

9、f / insidious, bias = discrimination51. D: not in a desperate situation = not in despair三段首句52. A: 与原文一致53. B: real estate = home (prices)54. A: certain ways = lower interest rates / sustained boom / upside等55. C: caution = mildly concerned, panic not = not panicked56. C: practical abilities = pract

10、ical education57. A: undervaluing intellect = anti-intellectualism58. D: 通过总结得出59. B: opponent = thought schooling and rigorous book learning put unnatural restraints60. C: 反话正说2005.21. C: parison = all too monkey, as well22. B: resent = outraged, unfairness = sense of grievance23. A: inclined to =

11、tend to, weigh = pay much closer attention to, what they get = the value of “goods and services24. C: 正话反说25. B: indignation = sense of fairness, uncertain source = unanswered question26. C: 反话正说27. D: 与原文一致28. A: study = research, kill = instead of29. D: legislative measures = legislative initiativ

12、e30. B: a lessonis applicable to 属于时文主旨题31. A: modify = change / brought under conscious control32. C: relation = link33. D: show up = seem to have34. D: 与原文一致35. A: lead your life as usual = the brain has its ways of working through bad feelings36. B: is but all too = to be37. D: informality = spon

13、taneity38. A: logical thinking = think straight39. B: their efforts = use formal language符合文章主题40. C: functional = useful, artistic = beautiful2006.21. C: assimilate = difference反义词/ uniformity / absorb22. A: played a role = launched by23. C: hardly a threat = hardly poisonous24. D: powerful influen

14、ce = immune to the nations assimilative power反义25. B: successful = hardly suggest a dark and deteriorating social environment26. A: townsfolk = residents, deny = doubt, contribution = adds a penny27. B: spend more money = bring in much of the towns revenue28. C: not really short of money = every hot

15、elHilton is building its own hotel29. D: on the rise = has broken attendance records30. D: sympathetic = it would be a shame to raise prices too much31. C: sea = ocean, the same threat = something similar32. A: stock = biomass, old fisheries = long-fished areas33. C: suffered a greater loss = conservative34. D: adjustto= shifting baseline35. B: 与原文一致36. D: change = began seeing, focus of interest = meaningless, phony, boring37. B: unpleasant = misery / died young / soul


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